The Making of Late Bloomer Baby Boomer

I played these guitars on the CD. Acoustics were recorded with a microphone and all of the electric guitars were recorded direct through a Line 6 POD 2.0 or Spider 5 amp. I used the Variax mostly for 12-string and resonator guitar sounds. It is pretty amazing to have all those guitar models available from one instrument. It is featured on the song "Last to Know" but I used it on many of the other songs as well.


 The entire CD was recorded at home on a TASCAM 2488neo digital portastudio. I've used their recording products over the years and have always gotten excellent results. In fact the Grammy winning debut album from Digable Planets, that I engineered and produced back in 1991, was recorded on two MSR-16 1/2 inch tape recorders.

All the vocals were recorded through an ART tube preamp and tube compressor.  Yes, the D112 is usually utilized as a kick drum mic but it worked for me!

Drums were actually my first instrument but it's been a long time since I got behind a real kit. I programmed all the drums on a BOSS DR-880.